music-and-dance Music And Dance


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Music department, equipped with various musical instruments, helps to discover and sprout the talent for music among students.Lessons in classical pop, folk, instrumental, vocal music and dance are held regularly.


Art and Craft   Art & Craft

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To discover child’s potentialities and creativity, the school encourages regular classes for Art and Craft.

The art section undertakes fabric painting, thread painting, nail painting, oil painting, thumbs painting,glass painting,spray painting, potato stamping and numerous compositions. The craft section takes up embroidery work, pot making, making , paper cutting, clay modeling, art work on the thermocol and many such activities.







Yoga is an internal part of the school curriculum. It is essential to keep the body, mind and soul in perfect equilibrium. Experts are engaged to train the students for the same through various ‘Asanas’.




  Cultural Activities



The school arranges cultural programmes on national as well as important festivals such as Independence Day, Republic Day, Children’s Day, Teacher’s Day, janmashtami, to inculcate national feeling and social belongingness.